Hi, I'm Beth! Thanks for looking at my blog!I'm 20 years old, a future teacher, comic book enthusiast and cosplayer. As you can probably tell I really enjoy marvel comics especially Black Widow (and Hawkeye too) so expect lots of Marvel here. Also Scarlett Johansson because I have problems.Very occasionally nsfw (like hardly ever but let me cover my butt just in case) and not at all spoiler free. I track the tag widowsbite (no spaces)



stop picking apart every single thing a celebrity/band member has said like yeah theyve said shitty things but so have u. i have too. i bet mother theresa thought some shitty stuff bout people who irritated her BECAUSE WE’RE ALL HUMAN. now like i said: stop picking apart every single fucking thing a celebrity/band member has said and get over ur self


I hate that shitty Winter Soldier: Widow Hunt arc as much as anyone else, but I’m getting real tired of the idea that Natasha is entirely ruined because of it and therefore not worth reading about until her memories are restored.


some people’s voices are just very appealing. you can’t explain it. there is no way to describe it. it’s just like. how. why. why does your voice do things to me. why does it make me feel things. why. how. why