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Hi, I'm Beth! Thanks for looking at my blog!I'm 21 years old, a future teacher, comic book enthusiast and cosplayer. As you can probably tell I really enjoy marvel comics especially Black Widow (and Hawkeye too) so expect lots of Marvel here. Also Scarlett Johansson because I have problems.Very occasionally nsfw (like hardly ever but let me cover my butt just in case) and not at all spoiler free. I track the tag widowsbite (no spaces)
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Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.

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skye // 1.02 0-8-4

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I told you I’d found somebody extraordinary.

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I have incorrectly been saying ‘burqa’ when I meant ‘niqab’ for maybe my whole life.

reblogging for informational purposes. i will come collect you if you reblog from me in a way that disrespects any of my sisters. 

educating yourself on other cultures is v important

do it

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How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]


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ravenclaw jane foster and gryffindor thor odinson though

thor loving jane talk science to him because she’s from a muggle family and he’s from a wizarding family full of pureblood elitists but thor has a heart of gold (thanks to his loving mother) and he really likes jane

jane telling thor about the solar system and thor is like "WAIT THE MOON IS A PLACE YOU CAN GO TO??? WAIT UNTIL MY MOTHER HEARS ABOUT THIS SHE’LL BE AMAZED"

them both being cuties and doing science together in the corner of the library so people dont tease them for learning ‘silly muggle things’ 

jane taking thor to muggle museums full of spacecraft models and muggle inventions from all over the years

thor being utterly speechless because he never knew muggles could be so magical

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help him find his way. save him for me.

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